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Toru Patio

A renovation that revitalized the basement level outdoor spaces of a residence in Islamabad.

Dark, unused open spaces have been redesigned to accommodate a range of functions. Previously, the rooms inside received little light due to the clutter in the alleyway outside, and the pathway itself was relegated to being the rear of the house with no active use.

Taking advantage of the private nature of the street, the external wall has been completely redesigned to express a more open and inviting patio that is perfect for hosting and entertaining, this has activated the space in a way that makes full use of each inch.

The palette has been kept simple yet varied and consists of earthy materials, plants, metalworks as well as water, resulting in a multitude of experiences in a relatively small space. The materials and elements outside have been carefully selected to ensure maximum functionality outside and ample amount of light inside, thus a strong connection between the indoors and the outdoors is created. Along with a BBQ space that is connected to the indoor kitchen, the whole character of the rear alley of the house has been flipped. Elements such as brick work, fixed outdoor seating and a water fixture have been employed in a nod to the existing architecture of the house but translated in a more contemporary manner.

The planning and execution involved a keen attention to detail and craftsmanship which is evident in the final space. The project as a whole reflects how the needs of the owners of this residence have changed over the years, and how smart innovative design can provide tailored solutions to those needs.

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