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About Us

Architecture as a Craft

Manzil Studios was established in 2020, as an architecture studio in Islamabad. The studio is partnered with MRS Group and its subsidiary MTronic; a Smart Building solutions provider. Since our inception we have worked on a wide range of architectural projects and have provided custom tailored solutions to each client.

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of projects, ranging from corporate offices to the restoration and renovation of centuries old heritage buildings. We deliver high quality work while focusing on the details that distinguish our design.


At Manzil Studios we value quality over quantity and thus we treat each project singularly, regardless of its scale. We believe good design is custom made for the client, that fulfils their need by acting as a well-oiled machine, creating a balance between design and function, while minimizing repetition or reproduction of styles or elements. Thus the architecture we produce displays not only our own ethos but also reflects the needs and desires of our clients so that each project has its own identity.

Architecture for us is akin to the handiwork of a craftsman, where each detail is carefully constructed as the larger design comes together. Our aim is to create architecture that invokes emotions as one experiences the space.


Principal Architect

Founder and Principal architect Rafeh Abbasi returned to Pakistan in 2019, from Belgium after completing his master's in architecture from KU Leuven. During his journey in the field of architecture, he has studied in different parts of the world, which include Malaysia, Pakistan and most recently Belgium. Along with his diverse background in architectural studies, he has also had the opportunity to work on projects of different scales in firms around the world as well as notable firms in Islamabad which include Nasir Design and CITE'.  


MRS- Group

MRS Group was established in 1971 as an electronics company in Germany. Ever since, we have been developing software which was initially for our own hardware products (embedded software).

MRS as a Group is focusing today also on modern web technologies, mobile apps and custom solutions for clients.

MRS Group has become an international group in recent years. Alongside the headquarters in Germany, MRS has locations in the USA, Croatia, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands (Benelux), Dubai, Pakistan, Switzerland, and Latvia as well as worldwide sales partners. MRS is global, but stays local to support customers achieving their vision.

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