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Manzil & MRS

The office of Manzil Studios itself, as well as its partner, the technology firm MRS. Located in Gulberg Greens, Islamabad the office offers panoramic views on three different sides.

The office is an extension of the company and thus multiple elements have been reproduced from their existing office and adapted to this space. The exposed brick work, metal cable trays, the ceiling elements and the color palette all reflect the company’s already established aesthetic in this new space.

Newer elements such as the brick planters and deep blue pendant lights reflect the unique identity of this space while still expressing the overall thematic consistency of the company’s offices. Surrounded by curtain walls on three sides, the office is filled with natural light, taking advantage of this, pockets of natural landscape have been introduced into the space via the brick planters.

Elements such as acoustic ceilings, concealed strip lighting and free-standing glass walls display the firm’s innovative design solutions. Additionally, all electrical and communications infrastructure is concealed inside the furniture, the planters and the ceilings, creating a design that seamlessly integrates form and function.

Project Gallery

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