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Abyss Solutions is a multinational engineering company, this particular office is located in a business tower in Islamabad.

The space consists of a large open workspace bordered by conference rooms and management offices as well as a separate breakout space.

Full height curtain walls offer panoramic views of the city on two sides of the office, and bring in large amounts of sunlight. The meeting rooms and the office are placed so that they enjoy the expansive views of the city while also being strongly connected to the primary workspace, thus ensuring a seamless flow between all the functional spaces. Custom designed workstations with planters encourage interaction between the employees and bring nature into the interior. A very deliberately chosen color palette reflects the openness of the space and the design, this openness and connectivity permeates into the break room where comfortable spaces for dining, prayer and leisure are provided. Every detail has been carefully designed, from the ceiling to the lighting fixtures to every single piece of furniture, to provide the client with a comprehensive design solution.

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