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The Islamabad office of a multinational IT company Securiti.Ai, with strategically placed custom workstations bordered by private offices and meeting rooms.

The office is surrounded by floor to ceiling curtain walls which provide vast views of Islamabad all the way to the Margalla Hills. This connection with nature is brought physically into the space as well with custom built planters spread across the floor, which also work to define and anchor the workstations.

The organization of the space ensures that all zones benefit from the large windows and openness, as well as the foliage from the planters. Multiple flooring solutions guide the user as they define the walkways across the office. The ceilings include custom designed metal and woodwork, with specific lighting solutions for each space of the office.

The company colors of yellow and violet have been very thoughtfully used to maximize their impact without overwhelming the overall design. The kitchen/dining space has been designed on one end of the office to separate it from the workspace, full height windows bring in ample amounts of sunlight, combined with the materials and colors used, it makes for a lively space. Overall the design focuses on both efficiency and comfort while reflecting the company's brand and identity.

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